TrolMaster NFS-2 Aqua-X Pro Irrigation Control System


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The NFS-2 controller from TrolMaster is one of the most advanced irrigation controllers available today. The NFS-2 is a multi-functional controller which can control multiple irrigation solenoids and pumps. The NFS-2 can also monitor multiple water sensors that can measure pH, EC / PPM, temperature and water content sensor. There is also a new optional DFW-1 flow-meter that serves multiple functions. Each of the solenoids and pumps can be "linked" to work together so that multiple grow areas can be controlled by a single NFS-2. When combined with the optional AMP-3, WCS-1 and WCS-2 sensors and the new DFW-1 flow-meter, the NFS-2 allows the user to monitor up to 50 sensors and receive mobile notifications if a problem is detected by the system. The NFS-2 was created to allow users to customize their irrigation cycle and be able to control the irrigation events by using either the DFM-1 digital flow-meter, WCS-1 or WCS-2 moisture content sensors or by simple timers. Each device being controlled by the NFS-2 can conceivably have an unlimited number of irrigation "events" each 24 hour day.


10’ touch screen - Phone monitoring (TM+) & web-based controlling 
Increased Product Capacity of up to 300 pumps and 300 solenoids 
Expanded Irrigation Schedule up to 50 individual schedules
Multiple reservoir monitoring on pH, EC, and Temp (with AMP-3) 
Medium EC, Temp and Moisture monitoring (with WCS-2) 
Water consumption Volume monitoring (with DFM-1)
Feed on Demand 
Feed by volume 
Auto-fill in the reservoir 
Calendar control for multiple days preset schedules 
Flexible Master pumps connections


Input Voltage: 100-240V 

Certifications: ETL/FCC 

Degree of Ingress Protection: IP20 

Max Distance to Device to be connected: 1000 meter 

Nutrient Sensors (AMP-3, DFM-1, WD-1): Max 50 pc 

Medium Sensors (WCS-2, WCS-1): Max 50 pc 

PUMPS (OA6-24, OA6-110, DSP-1, DSD-1,DSE-1, OM-8): Max 50 pc 

VALVES (OA6-24, OA6-110, DSP-1, DSD-1,DSE-1, OM-8): Max 50 pc 

Working Environments Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity≤90%

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