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Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Light

New 2022 version with dimmer knob included
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About the Spider Farmer SF4000

  • LOWER RUNNING COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDS: Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights utilize the latest high yielding LED technology using Samsung LM301B diodes, giving it a high energy efficiency of 2.9 umol/J. SF4000 only consumes 450w, running 50% less power than the HPS or Blurple lamps, and still was 50% more harvest. The optimal veg footprint is 5 x 5 ft, and the flowering footprint is 4 x 4 ft.
  • CUSTOMIZED DIMMING DESIGN: Upgraded SF series growing lights have a dimming knob and light switch. A single light can be adjusted the light intensity at liberty. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming especially beneficial for large areas of indoor growing and commercial planting. 
  • IDEAL FOR ALL GROWTH STAGES: Excellent full-spectrum - white, blue, red, and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 760nm). 3000K diodes providing more reddish light and the 5000K providing more blueish. The 660nm red and IR light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boost yields. Turn your seeds into your own supply. And the light looks fairly natural, so it's good for accurately monitoring plant health.
  • SOLID & STURDY: No Fan Noise Free. High Safety performance MEAN WELL Driver, Fair Waterproofing. Update aluminum board is thick and sturdy, doesn't put out a tremendous amount of heat, high-quality protective covers for cables; User-Friendly Packaging. Quality components mean the light lasts longer, but they also save you money. 
  • VALUE FOR THE MONEY: Spider Farmer LED Plant Lights are often copied but will never have our quality or commitment, we provide 3 years of after-service at one of our US local maintenance center. Make sure you purchase authentic Spider Farmer grow lights, really can give you need from high-quality grow lights – at a price that is affordable. For any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you resolve it.


    Specification SF-4000 new version
    Spectrum 660-665nm,3000K,5000K, IR 760nm
    Par Value 1217umol/s
    Coverage Veg: 5x5ft      Flower: 4x4ft




    Power draw




    Light Size 648*536*59MM
    Package Size 723*610*115MM
    Gross Weight 8.766KG
    DB 0dB
    Input Voltage AC100-277V




    Frequency 50-60HZ

    Warm Tips:

    1. Do NOT touch while in operation.

    2. To prevent eye damage, avoid looking directly at the LEDs.

    3. In summer or other hot environments, please use a cooling fan to keep a suitable temperature for your plants.

    Package Includes
    • 1 x SF4000 LED Grow Light

    • 2 x Stainless Steel Hanger Hook

    • 2 x Adjustable Rope Hanger

    • 1 x User Manual for Installation

    • 1 x Power Cord(US, UK, AU, EU plug available on request)


      The light can be returned or replaced within 30 days after delivery, in the precondition of non-artificial damage.

      90 days ALL FREE warranty. Free components, repair, and service can be provided within 3 months after delivery.

      • 3 years of free components
      • 3 months - 1 year: Free components, return shipping fees. Buyer pays 1-way shipping fees and repair fees.
      • 1 year - 3 years: Free components. Buyer pays 2-way shipping fees and repair fees.

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