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KIND LED - X220 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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The Best Just Got Better

Meet the KIND LED - X220 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • GROW MORE FOR LESS 50% Greater Efficiency
  • GREATER RETURNS FROM YOUR GROW ROOM 3.5x Improved Light Distribution
  • UNLOCK YOUR PLANTS’ FULL POTENTIAL Independent, Precision UV/IR Control
  • SAFE. SIMPLE. EASY. Lightweight, Low-Profile, Superior Design

Product Description

Spectrum 2 Channel - Dimmable
Diodes Osram & Philips
Max Wattage 220w (±5%)
Efficacy 2.55 μmol/J
PPF 561 μmol/s
Input Voltage 120-277v
1.83 amps @ 120V
Lifetime >100,000 Hours
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19.75 x 19.75” x 1.25”
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy) 12” ± 6"*
Cord Type 6' - 120v
Footprint (RMH) 2' x 2'
Warranty 5 Year

Yields Maximized with Precision UV/IR Control

UV and IR are essential for increasing flower development and ramping up secondary metabolite production which increases both potency and terpenes. Since this added spectrum is only needed in the late stages of flowering, we’ve placed it on a separately controlled channel so you can decide when you use it, eliminating wasted energy and avoiding unwanted stretching during the earlier stages of plant growth.

Go Beyond Full Spectrum

Full spectrum diodes used by white light LED companies were originally designed for home and office use. Kind’s Targeted Full Spectrum is specifically engineered for plants to maximize harvest weight and plant quality. Our spectrum is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of field testing in Northern California’s medicinal plant industry

Efficacy Does Not Equal Results

Efficacy measures a light’s capacity for turning electrical energy into photons but does NOT measure the amount of photons that are usable to plants. Most high efficacy diodes are designed for home/office (not horticulture), and while they produce a lot of visible light, much of that light is not used by the plant and wasted as heat energy. Most white diodes are cheaper to produce and measure high in efficacy but use a spectrum that creates wasted light for plants.

Grow Bigger with a Low Profile

The New X Series’ external driver mount offers 60% reduction in light height (more grow space) and 25% reduction in heat output.

California Innovation, Backed by Industry Leading Support

KIND LED (4X Gear of the Year Winner) has been innovating the LED market since 2014. Our unique team of growers, engineers, and medicinal plant experts leads the innovation of our plant-first spectrum and continues to push the limits of what is possible with LED grow lights.

Our experienced commercial team has helped supply hundreds of indoor, outdoor and commercial greenhouses projects in Canada and the United States.

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