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Take your grows to the next level with the XD75 intracanopy, dual-sided bar lights.

These game-changing fixtures set a new standard in grow lighting, maximizing under canopy growth, yield, and quality. Easily connect the fixtures end to end for a rigid, stable lighting fixture that spans your entire facility.

The Vegetative Bar Lights are biased on the blue end of the spectrum and are great for all leafy greens and plants that need to remain in a Vegetative stage before initiating Flowering. 

The Flowering Bar Lights are biased on the red end of the spectrum and are great for all supplemental lighting on high light use plants that are in the Flowering stage or as standalone Flowering stage lights for average light use plants.


The X-SERIES Bar Lights were designed with the utmost versatility in mind. With an IP65 rating and ETL listing, its applications are only limited by your imagination.

Optimized Spectrum

Perfect Blend Spectrum available in either flower or vegetative integrations provides ideal photon emissions in every essential wavelength along the photosynthetic spectrum.

Ideal Intensity

Perfectly tuned photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) delivers optimal concentration and quantity of photon energy from canopy surface to base of the plant.

Ultimate Versatility

From propagation to harvest, leafy greens to fruit-bearing, greenhouse to indoor, the X-Series bar lights will take any grow to the next level and beyond.

KIND LED Grow Lights is the industry leader in full-spectrum LED grow lights. KIND LED consulted with hundreds of professional hydroponic and soil growers to rigorously research and develop our cutting-edge LED technology that has since revolutionized the indoor growing industry. For four consecutive years KIND LED has been awarded the STASH Award for Gear of the Year. KIND LED Grow Lights offer features like a proprietary intensified 12-band spectrum, including infrared and Ultraviolet diodes designed for both Vegetative and Flowering stages of growth, internal timers, secondary optical lenses, and a customizable spectrum. KIND LED gives control back to the grower while increasing harvest quality and reducing energy costs by 40%. Grow Strong with KIND LED.



  • Spectrum:  Vegetative or Flower
  • Diodes: XD75 - 432 (216 per side)
  • Max Wattage: XD75 - 75w (±5%)
  • Input Voltage: 100-277V AC
  • Amperage: XD75 - 0.625A @ 120V / 0.313A @ 240V
  • Lifetime: >50,000 Hours
  • Weight: XD75 - 7.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: XD75 - 47.4”Lx 3.1”Wx 2.3”H
  • Cord Length: 6'
  • RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy): +/-9”
  • PPFD Peak (RMH) Vegetative: XD75 - 110
  • PPFD Peak (RMH) Flower: XD75 - 110
  • Certifications: CE, ETL, FCC, ROHS, IP65


All KIND LED X SERIES Bar Lights have an IP65 (Ingress Protection Rating) that ensures the safety of using them in the harsh conditions of commercial greenhouses. An IP65 rating means that the lights are completely dust-tight and can also handle the spray from a 6.3mm water nozzle from any direction with no harmful effects. In addition, the X Series is ETL Listed, meaning it complies to North American safety standards. 


KIND Grows ""Kind"" Grows


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