CenturionPro XL MegaBucker Debudder & Bucking Machine


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The CenturionPro XL Megabucker is your big game machine that you need.

Able to accommodate up to 16 operators, the XL MegaBucker can buck up to 2,400 pounds of wet and 480 pounds of dry material.

The XL MegaBucker has a variable speed control, giving you full command over the speed and direction of the machine.

With two (2) fixed speed conveyor belts to handle your stem and bud removal, and one variable speed conveyor for product delivery to operators, the XL MegaBucker creates a streamlined workflow for your operations.

The inclusion of reversible rollers also makes jam clearing easy, and the XL Megabucker’s remove panels let cleanup become an easy chore.

The XL Megabucker is easy to transport. Build into a trailer with steel-belted radial tires, a 3,500-pound capacity, and a two-inch ball hitch, attach the bucker to the back of your truck so you can take it where it’s needed.

Even as an industrial machine, the XL MegaBucker is efficient with its 70-ampere maximum power draw and 60 Hz cycle. It also adheres to the highest safety standards and complies with GMP and FDA standards.

Use in conjunction with the XL Trimmers for a seamless workflow and go from harvest to trimming. The XL MegaBucker also comes with a two-year warranty.

Our experienced commercial team has helped supply hundreds of indoor, outdoor and commercial greenhouses projects in Canada and the United States.

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