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CenturionPro Silver Bullet Wet & Dry Trimmer

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Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer Machine

The CenturionPro Silver Bullet is the stealth version of the award-winning CenturionPro Original. For those who need a sound proof solution, the Silver Bullet is capable of processing 18-22 lbs per hour dry, 90-110 lbs per hour wet, representing the finest in elite trimming technology.

The Silver Bullet takes all the benefits of the Original and introduces a built-in silencer for those who need a discreet and quiet work environment. This machine also replaced the workload of 20 people.

Whether you trim wet or dry, the optional Quantanium (Non-Stick) or Electropolish tumblers allows you to choose your trimming method so production is always a priority.

Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Unique Features

  • MARINE GRADE INFINITY BLUETOOTH STEREO - Liven up your trim sessions with music. Each Silver Bullet comes with a waterproof, marine grade Infinity stereo. Connect your phone or mp3 player via Bluetooth, USB or AUX inputs.
  • SILENCER - The Silencer reduces the noise of the Silver Bullet Trimmer by 30%. This option is great if you trim in a confined space or you just want to be a little more discrete.

Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Features

  • DURABILITY - The Original Pro & Silver Bullet are made entirely of Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel. 
  • HARDENED STEEL, 11 BLADE CUTTING REEL - Both the Original Pro and Silver Bullet feature a Toro hardened steel cutting reel featuring 11 high quality blades, double what the competition offers.
  • RUGGED, STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER - The tumblers on the Original and Silver Bullet are constructed out of a rugged, 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel, not aluminum. These machines will out produce any other trimming machines on the market with their high capacity tumblers that measure 30” in length and 6.5” in diameter.
  • MORE CUTTING POWER - The Original & Silver Bullet can do a whopping, 37,500 cuts per minute while running completely on a 120v power source. These bud trimmers both come with a 3hp leaf collector that produces 2750 CFM of pure suction power.
  • HIGH PROCESSING CAPACITY - Replace up to 25 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. The Original Pro & Silver Bullet can trim up to 18-22lbs/hr dry and 90-110lbs/hr wet.
  • EXTRA LARGE HOPPER - All machines come standard with the largest hoppers in the industry for the purpose of making consistent feeding of the machine easier.
  • FINELY TUNED DIVERTER - Centurion is devoted to protecting your precious product with the design of our machines. 
  • TRIPLE BAG SYSTEM – The triple bag system is designed for cleanliness, as well as trim and kief collection so you don’t waste any of your precious product for further use.

What's Included in the Centurion Pro Silver Bullet 

  • CenturionPro Silver Bullet
  • Leaf collector
  • Hopper
  • Both Wet & Dry Tumblers


Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Product Documents

CenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product ManualCenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product Manual

CenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product BrochureCenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product Brochure

CenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product SpecsCenturionPro™ Silver Bullet Product Specs

Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Specifications

CenturionPro Silver Bullet

Description Specification
Input Voltage 7A * 115V NA
Dimensions 30" x 13" x 26"
Weight 90 lbs
Tumbler Diameter 6.5"
Cuts Per Minute 37,500+

CenturionPro Silver Bullet Dust Collector

Description Specification
Input Voltage 15A - 220V NA
Dimensions 20" x 20" x 18.5"
Weight 70 lbs
Horse Power 3HP
Airflow Capacity 2750 CFM

Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Warranty

CenturionPro offers a 10 year warranty. This warranty does not cover operator error or abuse.  Please take note that once shipped all sales for these machines are final and returns are not accepted.

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