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When it comes to growing, harvesting can be a nightmare – and an expensive one at that – especially if you are a mid-size operation. The time and people required to harvest and produce product in a larger scale operation increases considerably from home-grow situations. It is hard to find experienced individuals, let alone those you can trust. Not to mention, there is a lot more riding on it at this level than when it was just you and your buddies. Now you are a larger organization with more demand, looming deadlines and the need to rely on outside sources for help.

That is where the upgraded Silver Bullet trimmer machine comes in. This trimmer machine is built for medium size growers who value quality, efficiency and privacy for their products and operation.

The Silver Bullet is designed to handle greater demand and still produce the same quality product you expect from CenturionPro Solutions.

Demand for is growing with legalization coming to USA and in process across several U.S. states. That means added strain on suppliers and operations – but also a chance for the medium grower to step in. A good quality automated trimmer will not only ease the strain on your operation (and bottom line), but will also give you a “leg-up” on the competition. Imagine producing more than your closest competitor – in less time, with less people. Thanks to this machines’ impressive 37,500 cuts per minute, it can replace up to 20 human workers! It sounds too good to be true, but at CenturionPro, that is what we do.

Our experienced commercial team has helped supply hundreds of indoor, outdoor and commercial greenhouses projects in Canada and the United States.

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