Together, we're saving the cannabis culture.

The green revolution

As of October 17, 2019 cannabis was legalized nationwide in Canada and it seems to be only the beginning as many other nations are also considering legalization. This constitutes a gigantic leap forward not only for producers but also for the entire cannabis community.  This “revolution” is also fueling a colossal industry that is more than ready to cash in and fulfill the needs of the massive medical and recreational market. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way from the backyard grows in lowbush blueberries and garden growing for ourselves and close friends. 

Hiding in plain sight is one of the most overlooked and crucial rights for North American cannabis consumers:
the right to grow your own buds.

Our mission

Our mission is to motivate and encourage cannabis enthusiasts to pursue the dream of cultivating their own crop as an alternative to their current means of consumption. We hope that an increasing number of people will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of growing with the added benefit of knowing exactly what's in their final product and enjoying the abundance following the harvest.

Planting the seed

We are rapidly approaching open-source cannabis information and would sincerely like to do our part to enrich the growing community. With that being said, we ventured out and interviewed industry leaders. In addition, we documented an entire grow with a master grower to showcase one of several ways to accomplish a successful grow.We additionally provide one-on-one expert horticultural services for anyone who needs assistance regarding anything concerning cannabis cultivation. 


Shall we grow together?

The good news is, gardening has always been a collective ecosystem of research, documentation, and communication. Growers transmit their knowledge to their peers and together they are constantly pushing the capabilities of horticulture to new heights. We believe this is what makes this craft so beautiful.I

Imagine having years of cultivating expertise, as well as the ability to share your own, in the palm of your hand. With the digital tools available to us today, we are capable of providing a pipeline of information to a new generation of growers through the collective expertise of master growers and experienced botanists allowing beginners to experiment on their own and share their findings and enthusiasm with the community. Closing the loop and perpetuating the beautiful collaborative essence of the growing community. 

This is precisely why we appeal to all growers from all walks of life to participate in this movement with us. To share experiments, advice, pictures, videos, setups, and everything that contributes to growing better buds. 

Welcome to Growbuds

This is only the beginning of our commitment to the continuous expansion of our scope. In doing so, we hope to grant growers, from the beginner to the advanced, access to insightful pieces of information, creating far more capable growers daily.

Welcome to Growbuds



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