When Quality Meets Affordability: Introducing Kind LED

If you’re looking for a quality LED grow light made in America - look no further than the Kind LED grow lights. These California-based manufacturers have stepped up their game with not one, but two new designs adding 4 new products to the X series.

The grow light industry saw a surge of “full spectrum lights” in the second half of the 2010s, and “full spectrum” became a huge buzzword. Most grow light producers started manufacturing full spectrum LED grow lights, many of them not even understanding the true meaning of the term.

This is why Kind LED grow lights decided to take a different approach to building grow lights, which starts with understanding of the light spectrum. They came to the conclusion that when certain parts of the spectrum are targeted, and only those wavelengths are used - plants perform much better.

Targeted Full Spectrum LED grow lights

According to the Kind LED blog, the Targeted-spectrum grow lights produce only those wavelengths that most benefit plant growth while avoiding the wastefulness that is seen among other white-light LEDs.

As you can see on the image below, Targeted-spectrum LED grow lights create a mix of blue and red parts of the visible spectrum, which makes the light seem purple, or sometimes pink.

Targeted full spectrum
The Kind LED grow lights target those parts of the spectrum because, according to their findings - more than 50% of green and yellow light produced ends up reflected from the plant’s surface. This, in turn, creates more unnecessary heat and also wastes power. Kind to both your plants, and your pockets!

Targeted full spectrum technology is applied only on the newest models of Kind LED grow lights:
  • X220
  • X330
  • X420
  • X2

Previous to creating this series of products, Kind LED produced single-bar LED grow lights. In fact - they had separate sets of lights for veg and flower phases. However - the new X series lights are more than well suited for both the veg and the flower phase.

Kind X220 LED grow light

We’ve recently seen a trend in LED brands producing outstanding grow lights relying on the bar design - and Kind LED are not the ones to fall behind on this trend. The company recently developed the new and improved X series LED grow lights

The Kind X220 LED grow light is composed of 3 vertical bars, which are capable of creating a 2’ x 2’ coverage. According to the manufacturer’s website - they have a fairly good efficacy at 2.55 μmol/J, as well as a total PPF output of 561 μmol/s.

Kind LED X220

X220 features a detachable external driver - which reduces the load on your grow light as well as creating up to 25% less heat.

Kind X330 LED grow light

The Kind X330 LED grow light is the middle child of the X series. If MCU’s Thanos could recommend a grow light - this would probably be the one simply due to it's perfect balance of power consumption and yields.

X330 also features a bar design with 3 vertical bars, although they are somewhat longer than those on X220, and shorter than those on X420 due to being designed for a 2’ x 3’ space.

Kind LED X series

As for its power consumption - the X330 uses around 330W (±5%) of power, and puts out 841 μmol/s in terms of total PPF output. If you’re not looking to overspend on a grow light, and your bills as well - the X330 will definitely help you do that!

Kind X420 LED grow light

Finding a good grow light for a 4’ x 2’ grow space can be difficult, especially because most LED grow lights nowadays are designed to cover square-shaped spaces. Some growers even use 2 grow lights made for 2’ x 2’ space next to each other.

Kind LED X420

Well - with the Kind X420 LED grow light now there’s no more need for that. This grow light is designed to cover 4’ x 2’ grow spaces and achieves incredible PPFD due to its new bar design.

In addition, if you want to light up a 4’ x 4’ area, using two X420 fixtures will do a great job.

Kind X2 LED grow light

The Kind X2 LED grow light came out of the Kind workshop as their perfect solution to vertical racking and overhead grow operations. It is mean for close-proximity growing, meaning that you can hang it us as low as six inches above your plants.

Kind LED X2

The X2 fixture has a PPF output of 1650 μmol/sec with nearly every photon being absorbed by your plants due to its design, and an efficacy of 2.22 μmol/J. The concentric square design eliminates traditionals shortcomings seen among popular LED lights, and creates an even PPFD across a whole 4’ x 4’ grow space.

One of the most interesting features of the X2 is its 3-Phase Fully Adjustable light spectrum controller. This feature will allow users to pamper their plant and suit all their needs from the seedling phase, all the way to the last days before you start harvesting your cannabis plants!


My sq300 died after 6 weeks. Things happen which is why I went with an American company with a reputation to back it. Whelp 3 weeks later they finally responded to me. My first and last photontek purchase to be sure.

Ryan September 09, 2022

How come you never have the x2? Now that I have the money, I don’t think I want it anymore because it’s been a such hassle.

Frank January 15, 2022

Anything going on sale for black Friday?

Christopher Cutler November 22, 2021

Let us know when you’re ready to move up to Curtis Mathes Grow Lights.

Edward Westerfield November 21, 2021

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